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Zenith Soap Dish - Polimeer

Zenith Soap Dish Holder

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This soap dish holder is the result of a combination of durability and modernity. Because it's made from recycled plastic, you contribute to a more sustainable world. Creating a coherent and beautiful bathroom, means paying attention to the small details, and with Polimeer's Zenith Soap Dish Holder accessories it’s obvious to get the final elements just right.

  • Every piece is unique
  • Made from EU recycled plastic
  • Made in The Netherlands
  • Composition: HDPE - 2
  • Dimension: 75x75mm

100% unique

Each of our products are crafted by skilled artists therefore all products are 100% unique and different from each other. We source plastic waste in Europe and that we transform it into the finest material which we mould, cut and fold into marbled unique products. This creates a unique, modern and strong soap dish holder perfect for different kinds of bathrooms or kitchens.


The plastic containers of our regular liquid soaps are dumped in our oceans on a daily basis. By buying this Zenith Soap Dish Holder, you are reusing plastic the right way, because this quality accessory is manufactured from recycled plastic HDPE. In addition, this soap dish holder has a sleek and stylish design, which integrates seamlessly into any bathroom or kitchen.


The cross-shaped inlets ensure that the soap bar remains on its surface. Due to the recycled plastic HDPE, this holder has a very long lifespan and will not easily be damaged, plus it's very easy to clean it. Besides that, because of its 75x75mm , this soap dish holder suits almost every soap bar.

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