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Sustainable business gift: tool for a powerful message

 Sustainable business gifts

Sustainable business gifts are on the rise. It is not only good for the environment, but also for your company. Corporate gift giving is a great opportunity to carry out a message about how your company deals with corporate sustainability

Sustainable business gifts go beyond customer loyalty

Companies give business gifts mainly as a token of appreciation for their existing customers. However, corporate gift giving can have an impact beyond facilitating business relationships and customer loyalty. It can also be a way to strengthen the company's image. Corporate gift giving is a great opportunity to convey your sustainable message. With a sustainable business gift you can show that you care about what’s happening in the world and start a dialogue with your clients.

Consumers are increasingly critical about sustainability

The rise of sustainable business gifts is not entirely surprising, given that clients more and more expect companies to make a positive contribution to 'a better world', according to Dossier Duurzaam 2019. Indeed, the success of a brand is increasingly linked to the extent to which companies take sustainable steps. Purpose-driven consumers appear to be more loyal to brands that are sustainable than to brands that are not sustainable. They only buy from brands that align with their values and are willing to pay extra for their products or services.


Sustainable business gifts carry a message

The emergence of this purpose-driven consumer group is driving companies to make sustainability part of their business and marketing strategy. Should sustainable business gifts also be part of this strategy? Maybe we should turn the question around. Why not? It's better for the environment, but it's also a beautiful way to spread a special message. It's an opportunity to tell your clients that you care about the environment. You can show that sustainable business is important to you and that you take your responsibility. A gift can also be a creative tool to stimulate your client's environmental awareness.

Sending a long lasting message with circular business gifts

The sustainable gift business is huge so the options are numerous. What matters is which story you want to tell as a company. Sustainability goes beyond a cotton bag or organic wine in your Christmas package. You can also choose for a circular business gift. For example with Polimeer we have designed special keychains for Ace & Tate, made from locally recycled plastic. A keychain is something you carry with you for years to come. This way not only the value of the energy source is retained, but also your sustainable message.


Candle Polimeer
Zenith Soap Dish Tea Light candle holder 

Greengiving as part of your sustainable business

It is obvious that a sustainable business gift is a better choice than a business gift that pollutes the environment. Still, it's good to think about your motives. Are they based on the vision and mission of your company or do you mainly want to claim a distinguishing position in the market? Sustainable entrepreneurship is about your intrinsic motivation to contribute to solving social and environmental problems. This is something you implement throughout your entire business, hereby making it more than just a marketing strategy. 

Credibility, transparency and creativity of your sustainable message

Whatever your motives for a lasting business gift, the most important thing is that you are credible. Do what you say and say what you do. A critical client will quickly notice if you don't keep your sustainable brand promise. Be transparent. As a company you really don't have to be one hundred percent sustainable to give a sustainable business gift. Tell your client how you try to make your company sustainable, give a few examples and show them how you want to improve. Add this story to your gift or refer the client with a QR-code to the story on your company website. A creative way to promote your website.

 Sustainable business gift keys

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