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Sustainable during corona: recycled plastic design for your interior

Polimeer Sustainable Green Wall Lamp

Is corona the wake-up call that the plastic recycling industry has been waiting for? Due to the pandemic, plastic pollution is increasing rapidly. That’s why Polimeer made a collection of stylish interior design from recycled plastic.

Corona accelerates the increase in plastic waste

Plastic has a bad reputation. There is too much, it is not biodegradable and it accumulates in the environment. Due to the corona pandemic oil prices collapsed, which resulted in an even faster increase of our waste mountain.

Plastic is made from petroleum. Since petroleum is very cheap at the moment, it has become more profitable for manufacturers to use new 'virgin' plastic instead of recycled plastic.

Recycling necessary to stop plastic waste growth

Plastic in itself is not bad for the environment, if we use it properly and don’t waste it. Plastic is a strong material that can last a very long time. Given the long life of the material, it is actually ridiculous that we use most plastic products for such a short time.

Every year, the Dutch population consumes about 26 billion plastic packaging and 600 million plastic carrier bags. According to researchers, we can stop the growth of plastic packaging if we use less plastic packaging and recycle more plastic.

Recycled plastic as a high-quality raw material for interior design

Four years ago, Polimeer came up with the idea to make new products from recycled plastic in which quality and aesthetics are paramount. Due to the traditional method, Polimeer treats recycled plastic as a precious raw material.

When you see the design products of Polimeer, you don't expect it to be made from recycled plastic. The products are made from a self-developed material: Polimarble®. This special material has the stylish appearance of marble, but comes from disposable products from the Netherlands such as plastic bags and packaging films.

Furniture, home decoration and lighting made from recycled plastic

Polimeer has been making various custom design products from recycled plastic for some time. Mainly products like nameplates and promotional gifts for companies and hotels.

Like many other entrepreneurs, they faced a new challenge due to the corona crisis. That is why they came up with the idea to create a collection for the consumer market with sustainable furniture, home decoration and lighting.

Among other things, they made a special Polimarble® lamp. “We thought it was a great symbol for these times of setbacks. A harmonious round lamp that reminds us of nature and the universe, a positive light that inspires and radiates that there is a solution for every problem. The mountain of plastic is transformed into something beautiful ”, says Bob Vos, co-founder of Polimeer.

Beautiful plastic doesn't have to be ugly

Plastic not only has a reputation for being a pollutant, but is also seen as a cheap and ugly mass product. Polimeer shows that recycled plastic is a beautiful material that you can use to make unique design products.

Bob Vos: “If we value the positive properties of plastic more, it does not end up in the environment where it causes damage. Waste only becomes waste when we throw it away because we no longer want the product.”

10,000 kilos less plastic waste in 2021

With this new collection of sustainable design furniture, the Amsterdam design duo gives a new perspective on the plastic industry. Polimeer does not claim to have the ultimate solution to the plastic waste problem.

More parties are needed for this. Alessandro Iadarola, co-founder: "We do our bit and if we all do that, we can look forward to a bright future. We want to show that you can do much more with plastic than you think. We look at positive changes and try to think of solutions.”

Polimeer aims to increase the use of recycled plastic by 2021 by processing 10,000 kilos of recycled plastic into quality products for the interior.

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